Oregon Lyme Disease Network
Seeking solutions to protect you and your loved ones 
from Tick borne illness in Oregon
phone:    541-321-6536
fax:    541-617-1700
email: theresa@oregonlyme.com


The corona virus outbreak is an unprecedented global event, and I am confident that the strength of our communities and our generosity toward one another will see us through it.
As we depend upon one another to thrive through these difficult times, every Oregonian must respect the call for social distancing.
Oregon Lyme Disease Network (OLDN) board has discussed the COVID-19 policy for OLDN and its members. During this time we are implementing to following policy to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 to our vulnerable patient population and our volunteer leadership.

1) There will be no more face to face support group meetings offered to our vulnerable patient groups during this time. All in person meetings are cancelled until such a time that the State of Oregon has removed the emergency measures they have implemented related to COVID-19. Please stay in tune with our State Policy regarding the COVID-19 virus.

2) OLDN is unable to provide any medical information related specifically to COVID-19. We will however find resources to point our members to. These will include the WHO, CDC and State Health and ILADS.

3) We do recommend continuing to stay in touch with your primary lyme physician and understand measures to take to help prevent infection with COVID-19

4) If you do begin to show symptoms contact your local physician, or your local urgent care for further instructions.

Stay well, and Thank You for your your understanding during these times.

Oregon Lyme Disease Network creates support groups through the state. Our support model is to help provide patient support,  fund and support events , and provide up to date information on Lyme disease. Additionally we gain general information about the State of Health as regards Lyme disease in Oregon and help educate our State policy makers on the effects of tick borne illnesses in our Oregon patients . Any information we request from the support groups will not release any personal or medical information. It will be for statistical purposes to help create change to provide better diagnosis and care for Oregonians

If you are interested in Starting a local support group please contact Theresa at 541-321-6536 

Oregon Lyme Disease Network 
Main Number (Bend OR)  541-321-6536 

Support Groups :

Bend Support Group (F2F)     Every 4th Tuesday from 4:15 - 5:30 pm

Facilitator:   Trang  and Theresa Denham  theresa@oregonlyme.com    541-321-6536

The Hive

450 NW Franklin

Bend, OR 97701

Willamette Valley Lyme Group (F2F)  please contact Colleen to get on our contact list for events and meetings.


Colleen Witzel colleen@oregonlyme.com

 Emerald Bible Fellowship 

1855 Cal Young Rd. 

Eugene, Oregon 97401. 

Park on the east side and go in the side door. 


541-689-3682 if you have questions.

Portland Support Group (F2F)   TBA Saturdays  from 2:30-4:00 PM. Please email our facilitator to get on this list. 

Facilitator: Heidi Uecker     heidi@oregonlyme.com

KwanYin EAST Healing Arts Center.


3115 NE Sandy Blvd #231
Portland, OR 97232

Public Transit: Take #12 bus to NW Sandy & 31st (I think the stop id is 183) and the space is right across the street. I hope that is enough information!

Parking: Parking on 31st (SE side of sandy) is best if parking can't be found on 31st on the NE side of sandy.

Hood River Support Group   first Tuesday of every month from 5:30 - 7:00 pm 

Co Facilitator - Mary Jane Heppe  541-806-3114

Co Facilitator  Elaine Walker     541-490-4019


Hood River Adult Center 

2010 Sterling Place

Hood River, OR 97031


The building is located at the corner of Indian Creek and Sterling Place (across the street from Hood River Sports Club) and our meeting is in the board room (turn left after entering the building and enter the room at the end of the hall).

No affiliate groups for Medford, Ashland, Roseburg, Salem at this time. If you are interested in starting an OLDN support group in any of those locations please contact us at START YOUR OLDN AFFILIATE SUPPORT GROUP NOW