Oregon Lyme Disease Network
Seeking solutions to protect you and your loved ones 
from Tick borne illness in Oregon
phone:    541-321-6536
fax:    541-617-1700
email: theresa@oregonlyme.com


Oregon Lyme Disease Network is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization developed to help raise awareness of Lyme Disease in the Northwest. Our organization raises awareness and advocates for better access to care in Oregon. Pictured left, one of our projects to collect, study, and map geographical locations of ticks in Oregon (and the disease they carry. )




We established in July 2001 .


All of our officers are volunteer staff. No salaries are paid and our volunteers are 100% volunteer staff.

Our organizational goals are

  • Raise awareness of Lyme disease in Oregon, Washington and Idaho
  • Collect, study and document ticks and illness they carry  in Oregon. Provide
  • Educate physicians to recognize disease, disease progression through evidence based medical resources. (Accredited CMEs, Scientific Meetings, Accredited Conferences)
  • Educate patients and provide resources to support disease management
  • Create and train support group leaders and create avenues for meetings for support groups in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.
Assist needy families in gaining testing and if necessary provide avenue of treatment for children suffering from presumed Lyme disease.