Oregon Lyme Disease Network
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from Tick borne illness in Oregon
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Patient Assistance Program

The Oregon Lyme Disease Patient Assistance programs for children has been restarted. Please contact Oregon Lyme Disease Network for applications to the program.  Children must be age 18 or less .  Families must show need for assistance. Each year we will sponsor part of a child's care on an as need basis. This is not a FULL SUPPORT program and is not reoccurring.  

Skyler Hanson cardiac appointment  fund  raiser is now closed. Thank you to our generous donors who made his cardiac appointment a possibility. 
We will continue to collect funds for up and coming children in need of assistance. We carefully screen patients and funds are capped for specific amounts and procedures. Any additional fund received will go into the general patient fund for future need or will be returned to donor if not used (per donor written request).