Oregon Lyme Disease Network
Seeking solutions to protect you and your loved ones 
from Tick borne illness in Oregon
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The Oregon Lyme Network , consists of groups througout Oregon. Located in Bend, Roseburg, Portland, Eugene, **Newberg  Hood River , we have a variety of educational programs to raise awareness. of Lyme Disease.

** coming soon
Tick Talks around Oregon
Oregon Lyme Disease Network has been engaged with BLM , Forestry,  SAR, Wilderness groups, hunting groups and others since 2005. We offer safety education for those who are in the field and run the highest risks of tick infections.  Our program focuses on the identification of ticks that spread disease,prevention of tick born illness, and recognition of tick born illness. Our program includes ecology of the tick, the vectors involved , the infections , and how to advocate for oneself if you find yourself bitten. 

If you are interested in visiting an existing tick talk, please check our tick talks under our events heading.

To plan your own tick talk, we can tailor the program to meet your needs.
Contact Theresa theresa@oregonlyme.com