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5 year old Skyler Hanson started showing symptoms of some unknown illness about a year ago. His mother took him to the doctor, with joint pains, nausea and general malaise. They could not find anything wrong. Skyler began to develop joint problems and neurological problems. Tests revealed inflammation but they were unable to diagnose Skyler with anything at that time. Out of pocket the parents began a desperate search for answers. Series of tests revealed a possible exposure to lyme disease. 
Over the year Skylers symptoms have become more severe including multiple seizures, severe short term memory loss, inability to eat at times, partial leg paralysis requiring walkers and wheelchairs.  He  has been in and out of Dornbecher's Children's Hospital to treat symptoms. 
His symptoms and tests are consistent with Pediatric Lyme Disease manifestations, and he has supportive tests, but they do not believe he has Lyme disease, a controversial illness especially here in Oregon where "Lyme is rare" . Skylers parents were told there is no Lyme in his area, so he can not have it, despite that he lives in Klamath Falls, an area the state previously documented as having 6-13 cases per 100,000.  
After spending thousands out of pocket to treat their son, Skyler now has developed cardiac issues (may or may not be related to Lyme). He has medically documented Tachycardia, P wave abnormalities on his EKG and complains of "his heart hurting " or "his heart jumping out of his chest then stopping".  The Center he sees wants him to go to a cardiologist 5 1/2 hours away. That TOO far to take a seizing child in great pain especially when Bend OR has one of the leading Pediatric Heart Centers. The doctor there is willing to see him, but the clinic he is at refused to give Skyler a referral, which means his insurance wont pay.
We are sponsoring Skyler for his first visit (after which the cardiologist can apply for his benefits). According to the cardiologist he needs an exam, Echo Cardiogram , and possible additional tests. 
We have negotiated a discounted  fee with them but it needs to be paid up front.  
Skyler needsb $2000 before June 254th. 
Oregon Lyme Disease Network will collect earmarked fees for Skyler and medical fees will be paid directly to the provider. It is tax deductible. 
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