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News and Events -News stories from around Oregon...no your not the only one, and Lyme disease is

 only rare because its not getting diagnosed, if you have a news story you would like us to add please fill in our form 

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Lyme in Oregon News:

Oregons' Governor Kate Brown Proclaims May as Lyme Disease Awareness Month (5/2015)

Paddle Across Oregon for Lyme Disease (5/2015)

Pet Talk, Lyme Disease can be lethal to dogs (oregonlive 3/2015http://www.oregonlive.com/pets/index.ssf/2015/05/pet_talk_lyme_disease_can_be_l.html

Climate Change may affect tick life cycles- OSU study (2/2015) 

Local Families Struggle with Lyme Disease KDRV Channel 12 Medford Or

Second interview of 16 year-old Torin fund raising for treatment January 25, 2015



13 year-old Olivia was diagnosed with Lyme Disease fund raising for treatment January 26, 2015



First interview of 16 year-old Torin, recently diagnosed with severe neurological Lyme disease December 9, 2014

Interview on MyWindow (KOHD TV)  In Bend OR  Aug 2014

Tick catchers needed for study (Eugene Register Guard, May 31, 2010) 

This is our Mail Tribune news item when we first set up the SOLD support group 2009.


Bend Bulletin A disease in Debate

Bend Source Ticked off by Lyme

Eugene Register Guard- Lyme Disease controvery

Hood River News - Lyme Does Exist in Oregon , Better Testing needed  (Heppe)

Lyme in the News OTHER  AREAS

Beverly Hills Housewives Battles Lyme Disease
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This is an informational interview of Sharon Lee, RN, MSN done by The Dove TV station on June, 2012