Oregon Lyme Disease Network
Seeking solutions to protect you and your loved ones 
from Tick borne illness in Oregon
phone:    541-321-6536
fax:    541-617-1700
email: theresa@oregonlyme.com

phone:    541-321-6536
fax:    541-617-1700
email: theresa@oregonlyme.com
phone:    541-321-6536
fax:    541-617-1700
email: theresa@oregonlyme.com
How to help Oregon Lyme Disease Network:

Donate Monthly in our Keep OLDN GOLDEN Campaign

Being a monthly donor helps create brochures for outreach programs such as placing brochures about lyme disease at your health fairs, your local doctors offices and more. This outreach will help patients get diagnosis earlier, which in turn will help reduce late chronic illness. 
Keep OLDN Golden
Donations help cover costs of doing business , and we appreciate all the help we can get. We all donate our 
time to help you meet your needs when it comes to tick infections. Our current needs for general  funding :

webpage hosting
purchase of material and DVDs used for support groups
printing of flyers and event material
events venues for awareness and special speakers
mailings (stamps, envelopes etc) for ticks studies and correspondences
Special donations for specific projects will be listed below or in our patient assistance area if we have a current 
fundraiser going on for a child in need. These are earmarked and only used for those purposes which the donor 
has requested. 
Willamette Valley Lyme Disease and Oregon Lyme Disease Network funds for
March 18th Usha Honeyman Presentation
Funds to help cover costs of brochures and WVLD Banner

General Purpose fund to help provide funds where ever they are needed at the time. 
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AshleyDenhamChildsDiagnosticFund- this fund was created by Ashley Denham in 2003 to help children
who are in families that can not afford to get diagnosis. Children birth to 18 can have their parents
apply for funding. Funding is provided upon filling out application, and application process. Not all 
families qualify and we only provide if we have funds available.