Oregon Lyme Disease Network
Seeking solutions to protect you and your loved ones 
from Tick borne illness in Oregon

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Oregon Lyme Disease Network

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Board of Directors: 

Theresa Denham:  Founder/President of OLDN- Theresa Denham began the Oregon Lyme Disease Network, a 501c3 non profit  in 2001, thinking there were a very few people with this "rare" east coast illness in Oregon. She was diagnosed with MS at age 28, and at 41 was re-diagnosed with Lyme disease by a specialist on the east coast. Her MS neurological clinical and diagnostic symptoms have resolved since she did her 9 month treatment for Lyme Disease .   
Since then the Theresa has helped over 2500 patients navigate the tricky waters of diagnosis and treatment.  
When she is not busy with Lyme disease she is busy on her Central Oregon ranch .  She raises Tennessee Walking Horses and German Shepherd Dogs . Theresa  trains German Shepherd Dogs that are for HRD and Air Scent Search and Rescue and for service dogs.  She is also a PADI scuba diver and working on her Dive Master and Instructors Programs
Dr. Stephen Heppe- Vice President - Steve Heppe PhD   Joined the Oregon Lyme Disease Network in 2009 when his family was afflicted with Lyme Disease. He has been instrumental in guiding the group in review of statistics, papers and published documents regarding Lyme disease. Dr. Heppe scuba dives and spends time with his family when not working.
Kate McLaughlin- Director
Katie works as PT  and also helps OLDN in decision making related to patient advocacy and helps with decisions on research projects and fund raisers.  She also assists with leadership of the face to face support groups. 
In her spare time Katie loves to Kayak, and spend time with her animals. 
Mary Jane Heppe, Media Director - Mary Jane Heppe has been a solid contributor for written pieces on Oregon Lyme Disease Network. Her eagle eye helps us with written content for brochures, media releases and other written communications.  
In her spare time Mary Jane enjoys traveling with her husband Steve, gardening, and writing . She also does patient support in Hood River, and is a health coach for patients across Oregon. 
Denise Moudree  - Director - Denise Moudree is our director for Morgellons. She works closely with Cindy Casey the director of the The Charles E Holman Morgellons Foundation  and member of AACN (American Association of Critical Care Nursing). Denise speaks at conferences both locally and nationally related to Morgellons Disease which is thought to be a manifestion of  Lyme Disease and Bartonella. 
Below you can find the current tax links for Oregon Lyme Disease Network. As a 501C3 non profit , we are fully volunteer. You can also find our information on GuideStar, a validation network for non-profits, and on the Oregon Dept of Justice Charity Verification